Above-Ground Pools with Maxi Rib

Is your backyard sloped or awkwardly shaped? You can still have a beautiful swimming pool, customised especially for you!


Swimming pools for sloping backyards

If your backyard slopes, you may think you can’t have your own swimming pool built on your land. In the past, building a swimming pool on an awkwardly shaped site has often been difficult and extremely expensive.

Now, thanks to technology developed by Compass Pools, you can enjoy your own swimming pool at an affordable cost, no matter what the shape of your backyard!


Enjoy your new fibreglass pool on almost any site

Exclusive to Compass Pools, Maxi Rib technology allows a fibreglass pool to be installed on practically any site, even on a slope.

A super-strong rib-like structure is installed to suit the shape of your backyard. This provides enough strength for a fibreglass pool to be supported partially or even fully above ground.

An above-ground pool is strong, durable and built to last, so you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy it for many years to come. It’s also a beautiful design feature individually tailored to suit your property. This unique attraction will add significant value to your home.

A partially above the ground X Trrainer pool and spa combo


Save money on purchase and maintenance of your pool

This exclusive technology will save you a lot of money having a pool built to suit your sloping backyard. It can also save you time, as Compass pools come with an optional self-cleaning system. This means you can spend less time maintaining your pool, and more time enjoying it!

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Fibreglass pools for (almost) any site

We install above ground fibreglass pools

Support for the pool shell

7.15m X Trainer Slimline Viridian

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