Smart Self-Cleaning Pools

Looking for a swimming pool that fits with your busy lifestyle? Want to spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it? Now you can, with a smart pool from us!


Maintaining a clean pool can be demanding

Having your own swimming pool gives you a wonderful leisure facility, but it can also be hard work. Many people don’t realise just how much maintenance a swimming pool needs. Cleaning a pool manually can be difficult and time-consuming, and robotic cleaners are extremely heavy. Then there are the harsh chemicals which you have to use to make sure the water stays safe and hygienic for you and your family.

Have you ever wished for a pool that could clean itself, so you could truly make the most of your leisure time? Now your wish can come true, thanks to the smart self-cleaning system from Compass Pools!


Let the nozzles do the cleaning job

The Vantage pool cleaning system is an innovative technology which involves a series of unobtrusive nozzles being fitted into the floor of your pool, completely flush with the pool floor so they won’t spoil the design or cause an obstruction.

When the system is activated, these nozzles release freshly filtered water which pushes dirt and foreign objects into a debris canister, leaving your pool clean, hygienic and free of debris.

The Vantage system is completely automated and totally silent, leaving you free to relax while the system does all the hard work!

Hands-free smart pool

A system of synchronised nozzles

Completely automated


For healthy and clean pool water

As well as cleaning your pool for you, the Vantage system makes the pool more hygienic, safer, and more comfortable to swim in.

With a conventional “eyeball and skimmer” water circulation system, the water is pushed into the system across the top of the pool and pushed back out again through the eyeball jets. This means that the top third of the water is being circulated over and over again, leaving some areas of the pool unfiltered.

The Vantage system is different because it constantly circulates the water from bottom to top, so the clean water reaches every area of your pool. This makes your pool more hygienic, as there are no areas where bacteria have the chance to grow.

Because of this, the Vantage system drastically reduces the amount of chemicals needed to make your pool water safe to swim in, so it creates an altogether healthier pool environment. As it circulates the water so effectively, it also eliminates any “cold spots” in the pool. This makes your pool a much more comfortable and relaxing place to swim and saves on heating costs!


A Vantage self-cleaning pool from Compass Pools can:
  • Save you lots of time on pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Give you more leisure time to enjoy your pool
  • Create a safer, more hygienic swimming environment
  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 50 percent
  • Reduce energy use by up to 40 percent
  • Save you money on pool heating bills
  • Be kinder to the natural environment

The advantages of Vantage are too good to miss! This technology is available exclusively from Compass Pools, built into their fibreglass pools. Please contact us to find out more.

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