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Want a swimming pool that’s truly built to last? We have the world-leading technology to create the durable pool of your dreams!


Your swimming pool is a big investment, and it should be designed to serve its purpose for many years to come. With Compass Pools’ unique patented ceramic core technology, you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy your pool long into the future.

In the mid-1990s, Compass Pools redefined the standards for swimming pool strength worldwide. They wanted to build a pool that:

Was guaranteed to be stronger and tougher than any other fibreglass pool on the market

Wouldn’t absorb water

Would easily cope with seasonal ground movement and even withstand earthquakes!


Building high-performance swimming pools

To achieve this, the Compass Pools team went far beyond all previous swimming pool industry standards. Looking to the aerospace and high-performance vehicle industries for inspiration, they devised a unique way of combining ceramic spheres with vinyl ester resin.

The result was a lightweight, composite material that would form the core of all Compass fibreglass pools. The ceramic spheres offered extreme durability and structural integrity, while the vinyl ester resin proved up to 50 times more water resistant than polyester resin, which was widely used in fibreglass pools at the time.

The new composite ceramic core resulted in a pool so tough and durable that customers could be offered extended guarantees on the structure and interior surface of every Compass pool.

In the mid-1990s, Compass Pools redefined the standards for swimming pool strength worldwide. They wanted to build a pool that:

Unique Features of Compass Pools Ceramic Core


The true test of strength for Compass ceramic core technology came during the 2010/2011 earthquakes in the Canterbury area.

There were almost 80 Compass pools installed in the area at the time. Despite the fact that much of the area was devastated by the earthquakes, and many people’s homes suffered extreme damage, only one pool needed replacing, and one other required minor repairs. Every other Compass pool was unharmed, even when the rest of the property was severely damaged.

No pool is indestructible – but Compass ceramic core technology goes a long way to help!

Strong and durable swimming pools


For many years now, Compass Pools’ composite ceramic core system has been recognised as world-leading technology for fibreglass pool strength and stability. To find out more or experience it for yourself, please contact us.

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