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With two pool colour systems, Bi-luminite and Vivid, everyone can select his personal favourite


Premium fibreglass pool colours

Dual-layer approach

Creating amazing 3D effect

Sparkle in the sunlight

A pool that looks great and even lasts longer.

Not only will your pool look stunning, it also comes with an added layer of protection. Beneath the gelcoat surface layer, is a second colour layer made from high-quality vinyl ester resin, providing extra water-proofing protection for your pool’s structure.


Make your swimming pool shine.

The gelcoat interior also plays its part by providing a durable surface and by protecting the underlying vinyl ester colour layer from direct exposure to sunlight. This will help your pool to maintain a consistent appearance as it ages, and to continue looking great throughout its lifetime.

  • 10 pool colours to choose from
  • Check out the new Pink Quartz colour
  • See how the pool colour look in the water


Frequent choice of many pool owners – beautiful yet affordable.

The Vivid range offers a wide selection of popular and vibrant colours. All Vivid pools are created using our exclusive large colour chips which are made in house. The use of these larger chips means that every Vivid Pool captures attention and becomes a centre piece of your backyard.

  • Large colour chips
  • Capture attention
  • 4 popular pool colour options


While every effort is made to represent our pool colours accurately, the pool shell colour and water colour samples on this website are a guide only. For accurate colour information, please make an appointment and see the pool colour samples and pools installed.

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