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What is hydrostatic damage and why is it dangerous for your swimming pool? Hoe can you protect your investment? Read on to find out.


Protecting your swimming pool from rising water levels

A unique lifetime warranty for the ultimate peace of mind

Nothing is immune to the weather – not even swimming pools. Whether you have a fibreglass or concrete pool, it can be seriously damaged if the water level in the ground rises and becomes higher than the level of water in your pool. This is known as hydrostatic damage.

Now, thanks to the latest technological innovation from Compass Pools, there’s a way to prevent this from happening to your pool.


Your swimming pool under intense pressure

If the groundwater level rises higher than the level in your pool, it puts intense pressure on the pool’s structure, as the pool will attempt to lift so it can float. It won’t succeed in lifting, but it will be put under considerable strain, which can cause damage when the groundwater level subsides again.

This problem is likely to increase as extreme weather conditions become more common for all of us. But as it is a natural occurrence, it is not usually covered by your home insurance policy.


A valve that makes a big difference

The team at Compass Pools has developed a unique patented hydrostatic valve, which has been rigorously tested over three years. Its highly sensitive technology can reduce groundwater pressure five times more effectively than the industry standard valve which is currently used in most fibreglass pools.

This system is so successful that Compass Pools is offering a lifetime warranty against hydrostatic pressure damage. This is thought to be a world first and offers pool owners complete peace of mind in all weathers!

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